Edie Lorenz Anderson
Coldwell Banker Realty



Becky and Larry Spielman

My husband and I are no strangers to moving, or the moving process, after having moved ten times in twenty four years.  

Edie was with us every step of the way on our most recent move when we sold our house in Stoneridge, Prescott Valley. Never before had I experienced such a smooth, professional and (as stress-free as possible) moving experience. Edie knows her stuff. She knows the market, she knows all the people who are amazing at what they do, and she creates a team that gets results. We sold our house in the deary month of January for $30,000 more than a similar home nearby. We are thankful for Edie, who gave us  excellent service and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Prescott area. 




Ed Pyle and Connie Kantos


It was like striking gold, a friend referring us to Prescott realtor Edie Anderson. A phone call and a couple emails we had a list of prospective properties from Edie. We were anxious to see them all. However, heavy snow had us stuck in Flagstaff the day we had planned to look at one particular home that caught our eye so Edie said she’d check it out and tell us what she thought. She did, took photos and emailed them, telling us very diplomatically that it might be a good idea to see it in person before putting in an offer, which we had planned to do. Edie was right. When we met her in person a few days later and saw the home it was quickly crossed off our list. There had been no discouraging words from Edie, but she had the insight to have, based on our conversations and emails, a good handle on what we’d like, and what we wouldn’t. What we liked a lot was the next home to which she took us. Bingo! Less than an hour after having met Edie we were checking out the perfect home for us, the home we now live in! Critical in any real estate transaction is timing. In that respect Edie far exceeded our expectations. She was proactive, always on the other end of whatever source of communication tech we employed to forward questions, requests or comments. She was tied into the seller’s needs, ensuring we were aware of what we needed to fulfill or have fulfilled. Since we were 100 miles away she oversaw our home inspection, then was back later to see that all the fixes required as a result of that inspection had been accomplished. There can be a lot of anxiety in the process of buying, selling and moving. Edie's instincts, intelligence and patience, and a reassuring, caring manner, eliminated a lot of the tension that could have made the transaction difficult. Edie loves people, easy for us to pick up on right from the start. So we found not just a first-rate realtor but a good friend in Edie. So very grateful that we did.

Bill and Nikki Taylor

Just a quick note to say that Nikki and I walked into our Dove Mountain house to be greeted by 103 degrees. The AC had failed catastrophically. The bill came to several hundreds of dollars. BUT, thanks to you, we only had to pay a $60.00 copay. The American Home Shield insurance policy you set us up with really paid off in fewer than 90 days. Thanks for looking out for us before, during and after the "contract" phase of the sale. We really appreciate it. You saved us hundreds, if not more than a thousand. .... Bye the way, the Air Conditioning company that AHS sent out was the best I've ever encountered. They are clean, efficient, quick, professional and articulate. But most of all they are affordable. I recommend them highly for AC work. The contact details are as follows: Comfort Dynamics, website www.myblueac.com, telephone 520 471 5121. Bill and Nikki Taylor


Testimonial of a German Client in an email to a German Solar Board: Hier haben wir sehr positive Erfahrungen gemacht und die Beratung die sehr gut is, geht ueber das geschaeftliche weit hinaus. Edie stellt auch sehr gute Kontacte zu Behoerden und Einflussreichen Personen her. Alle unsere Mitarbeiter haben sich ueber Edie ein Haus vermitteln lassen. Weiterhin hat sich Edie ebenfalls sehr bei der Vermittlung der Geschaeftsraeume bemueht. Hier wurde sie dann von meiner Seite als Repraesentant von Schletter mit Verhandlungsprocura ausgestatted und in die Vertragsverhandlung bzgl. Mietvertrag eingebunden. Martin Hausner, CEO Schletter, Inc.

Translation: We have had a very positive experience with Edie and the advise was excellent and went far beyond the business aspect. Edie made good contacts to municipal authorities and influential individuals. All our executives have bought houses through Edie. Also, Edie found the commercial building for us. For this purpose we chose Edie as the representative of Schletter to negotiate the commercial lease.

Henning Stauss


From the first day I met Edie she gave me the confidence I needed to make the right decision in a difficult situation. She is capable to see the whole picture, not just finding and selling house but first of all understanding what the customer (me) is looking for. Her knowledge of the current market situation, the understanding of my European culture needs and the professional and precise coordination of mortgage, title company, appraisal and all the little details helped us to have a new home in a new country in a very short time. Her negotiation skills with the selling party saved me a lot of money and reduced the risk for the future. Henning Stauss, Director LCD Manufacturing Engineering